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About Kimball Design


Nestled in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas Kimball Design is surrounded by forest where lumber is the leading industry. Kimball Palmer, president of Kimball Design owned a lumber yard/hardware store where he and his family became familiar with the building industry. When contractors asked for wooden gable vents of a higher quality Kimball decided to try his hand at woodworking. The contractors were so happy with the gable vents that Kimball built in the back room of the hardware store that he decided to try marketing them. In just a few months orders began coming in. The first Kimball design website was launch in 1998 and the rest is history.


The Palmer family continues to own and operate Kimball Design. Our focus on our belief in God and the importance of family are central to who we are and is reflected in our policies of honesty, hard work and pride in our product.



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