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Foundation and Crawlspace Vents

Solid Western Red Cedar foundation and Crawlspace Vents add an unparalleled natural beauty to your home and building. Nothing but wood really looks like wood. Wood Gable Vents can be stained, painted or finished with a clear sealer. PVC Foundation and Crawlspace Vents offer a maintenance free louvered vent that will stand the elements for many years. Cellular PVC is durable and is paintable.  Wood Foundation Vents are also available in Cypress and Pine.

Other sizes available upon request. We will gladly fill your special order.

Wood Framed Foundations 15" wide. The vent box is 14 1/4" designed to fit between studs placed on 16" centers. The face trim is 3/4" x 1 1/2" wide and extends beyond the vent box 1".


Block Wall Foundations 16" wide. The vent box is designed to fit into the space left by missing blocks. The louver box width will be 15 3/4". The louver box height will be 1/4" under the stated size


Mounting choices are "Standard Jamb"(Trim is on the outside of the wall, the louver box fits into the wall), "Recessed"(Entire unit mounts into the wall). "Surface Mount"(Entire unit mounts on the outside of the wall.  See Technicall Information.

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